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EPISODE #29 How to Master Your Mind Skills

Download Bio of the artist Broadway-Calibre Performer and Choreographer
 Mental Performance Consultant and Performance Coach
 NET Practitioner
B.Sc. (Psychology), MHK (Intervention and Consultation: Performance and Sport) Having danced for over 30 years – 10 of which were spent training and performing professionally as a ‘triple-threat’ dancer, actor, singer in Toronto and New York City – Ayanna …

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EPISODE #28 How to be a Successful Independent Musician

Download Bio of the artist  Since his debut album The Middle Way, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/performer/producer Shane Alexander has shaped a distinctive career for himself.   Touring the US and 11 other countries – both as a headliner, and as support for Bon Iver, Jewel, John Hiatt, Suzanne Vega, Seal, Styx and Yes,  the fiercely independent artist has …

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EPISODE #27 Get Organised!!

Download Bio of the artist Judy Rafat, Canadian protégé and friend of the world-famous bebop trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, is undoubtedly one of the best jazz singers of our time. Judy offers her enthusiastic listeners colourful fireworks of bossa nova, swing, Latin, blues and, of course, bebop. She possesses a voice that is truly unique in …

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EPISODE #26 How to Build your Following from Scratch

Download Bio of the artist: Sigrun is a lifestyle entrepreneur and business mentor for online entrepreneurs. She has combined her unique background in business, information technology, architecture, and personal development to help women go from zero to multiple six figures in their online business. What she shares on this episode: Sigrun really highlights the importance …

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Successful & Spiritual, a strong combination!

One thing can lead to amazing experiences! In November 2013 I signed up for a Daily Newsletter (that alone amazes me…if you tried ever to write regularly, you know what I mean). The Daily newsletter is from https://www.dailyworth.com I was reading their articles and I came upon an article about Marie Forleo. I instantly became …

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