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Episode 92 From Struggle to Abundance

Episode 92 From Struggle to Abundance


Guest’s Bio

Lassen is a wife and a mother to five children. Now, she is an Avatar® master and a successful entrepreneur.

What is shared in this episode

Today on the show, Ariane interviewed Lassen Phoenix. From being a mom of five suffering post-traumatic stress disorder to a successful entrepreneur with the help of the Avatar® tools. Be inspired by her story of struggle to abundance.

In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Find out the one decision that made Lassen take the Avatar® course
  • How the Avatar® course helped stabilize her life
  • Discover the most challenging part of Lassen’s family and how the Avatar® tools helped her overcame it
  • Unlocking your full potential with the Avatar® course

Key Takeaway from this episode

  • Trust that something great is going to happen even there are challenges
  • We are free to give
  • We are not in survival mode, we are in creation and service mode
  • Some of the happiest moments you can find in the smile of somebody else’s face

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