Sarah Freitas 

loves classical music, jazz and French popular songs. 

She cares and gives full attention to her students.

Guiding the students to find their voices with kindness.

Giving them the right techniques for them to bloom and keep their joy while singing.

Gaining more confidence and presence while expressing emotions.

Languages: French, English

Vanessa Joyce Taningco is a performer at heart.

Born in Zurich, she first hopped on stage as a five-year-old and has never looked back since. From dancing to singing, she’s had over 20 years of stage experience. Vanessa has worked behind the scenes as a music journalist, music label employee and also as the lead singer of the alternative-pop band Raspberry Jamwood. 

As a vocal coach she aims to guide her students by giving them a set of tools, which encourages them to fully express their unique voices.

Languages: English, German, Tagalog