When I was 20 months I was diagnosed with a hips dysplasia and attached to a bed for 6 months in the Geneva Children’s Hospital. That is when I turned my led into gold and (consciously or not) I developed the skills I could, while my movements were very much reduced.

I was singing & speaking all day long.

In the morning, the nurses always opened the door of my room to listen to my made-up songs. No wonder I became a singer-songwriter and speaker’s coach.

I started teaching when I was 14: private math, latin and piano lessons.

Before I finished my music BA at the conservatory of music in Geneva, I was able to support myself and rent a small and super cute apartment downtown by the lake.

After running a successful music studio for a few years in Geneva, I decided to see new horizons. I needed a challenge. So I took a few suitcases, my savings, quit my job and moved to New York City on a student visa.

In the 5 years that followed, I studied with Céline Dion’s vocal coach, built a successful musical practice in the city, got married, had 2 of my 3 girls, had fun in the studio with recording artists, organized concerts and guided young artists on their career.

I got the green card for exceptional talent in a few months and I could have stayed in the US forever, but we love Switzerland and my husband and I decided to move back in 2010.

In the last few years, I had the honor to accompany beautiful artists like Mélanie René, Mané, Bastian Baker, Scott Irribarra, Al Pride,  Arika Kane and many more etc. for a moment on their path.

I teach what I would have loved when I started my career: killing vocals and the creator mindset! 

Each client is unique, just like each voice is unique, so my coaching/mentoring is unique for each of my clients.

To work with me connect @ ariane@arianeleanzaheinz.com